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ArenaCX is Now Available in the Zendesk Marketplace

zendesk plus arenacx partnership announcement
Madison M.
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Madison M.

We are excited to announce our partner app listing in the Zendesk Marketplace. The ArenaCX app offers Zendesk’s 170,000+ global customers access to flexible customer service labor from the ArenaCX network of vetted and ready-to-onboard contact centers.


“Customer service is the holy grail in business. Each interaction can lose a customer or establish steadfast loyalty. For a company to be nimble and reactive to business changes, it needs to change how it staffs and operates. The single biggest mistake most companies make with their support team is approaching it in terms of a fixed headcount, even when they engage with outsourcers,” said Doc Shufelt, CEO and Co-Founder of ArenaCX. “This causes them to be caught flatfooted when volumes surpass expectations. We want the industry to modernize their staffing approach and are excited to help Zendesk customers do just that.”
ArenaCX red customer support logo
- Doc Shufelt, CEO and Co-Founder of ArenaCX


ArenaCX’s integration into the Zendesk Marketplace gives businesses the benefits of outsourcing labor, without the burden of time and resources needed to ramp up. Untethered from the constraints of long RFP processes, contract agreements, and repetitive training sessions, businesses can harness an unprecedented level of control over their support outcomes. 

Using ArenaCX, service leaders can outsource with confidence knowing that the performance of all of their agents – internal and external – are being monitored in real-time by the ArenaCX AI engine and any deviations from acceptable thresholds will cause ticket volume to be adjusted from the underperforming agent or teams. ArenaCX also has native min-max settings that give the business leader control over the types of tickets, channel, or percentage of ticket volume that are directed to each team to ensure that internal agents have enough volume sent to them, and existing BPO contracts are satisfied.

“We are always looking to provide Zendesk customers with enhancements that add more value to their experience working on our platform. ArenaCX provides access to on-demand labor and gives support leaders the ability to control how the workload is divided between internal and external CSRs,” said Nathan Smith, Director of Partner Sales, Zendesk. “We’re excited to introduce Zendesk customers to a new way to deliver on time to value and improve the overall experience.”
zendesk logo with arenacx partnership
- Nathan Smith, Director of Partner Sales, Zendesk


Zendesk customers who are interested in downloading the ArenaCX app can do so in four simple steps:

      1. Create a new Zendesk API token and save it.
      2. Download the ArenaCX app from the Zendesk marketplace.
      3. On the installation page, enter the email address of a Zendesk admin associated with your account and fill out your contact information.
      4. Click install.

Get started by downloading the Zendesk app today and a member of the ArenaCX team will be in touch.


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