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ArenaCX Continues to Revolutionize the Outsourcing Market with $4.2M in Funding and New Strategic Partnerships

Alan P.
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Alan P.

ArenaCX Platform Allows Companies to Scale Operations Efficiently


ArenaCX, the world's only outsourcing management platform, today announced that the company has secured an additional $4.2M in funding to fuel continued growth.

The funding is from Eagle Ventures, Sovereign's Capital, Beyond Capital, Triangle Tweener Fund, and other parties.

Since forming in 2020, ArenaCX has completely revolutionized the talent outsourcing process. They've combined a world-class roster of outsourcing companies with a technology-enabled marketplace platform and a concierge to guide companies through the process of supplementing teams with outside talent partners.


"Outsourcing allows companies to access talent, and continue to scale their business, even in tough markets and amidst a labor crunch," said Alan Pendleton, Co-Founder and CEO of ArenaCX. "Done well, it also yields both performance improvements and cost savings. But there are thousands of outsourcing companies around the world. The range of offerings, capabilities, talent pools, and skill sets varies wildly. It can be daunting.  Making the wrong selection can bring serious consequences. ArenaCX helps companies scale with ease: confident that they are sourcing the right outsourcing partner at the right price on the right contract terms."


With more than 100 vetted, best-of-breed partners, ArenaCX boasts one of the world's largest resource pools for outsourced talent. Whether it is customer service, sales & marketing, accounting & bookkeeping, HR & recruiting, or administrative & back office service, ArenaCX is the easiest place to access world-class global talent.


Earlier this year, ArenaCX announced the "Get Labor" solution, a "click-for-labor" button available to leading customer service software company Zendesk's customer base of 180,000. With other partnerships on deck, ArenaCX is quickly moving to become the preferred labor bolt-on for large technology ecosystems.


About ArenaCX

ArenaCX is the first tech-powered marketplace platform in the US for business process outsourcing (BPO). ArenaCX curates and vets BPO partners, using data and industry expertise, to provide an enterprise-level outsourcing RFP experience to companies of all sizes.


Launched in 2020, ArenaCX has developed a marketplace of over 135 business process outsourcing firms who together amass over 500,000 seats of capacity. All partners on the ArenaCX platform operate under contract with standard terms and conditions, making ArenaCX the safest, easiest, and most affordable platform to transact in outsourced business services.


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